Tencent PUBG Mobile Tournament SQUAD edition
PUBG Tournament Format: Best of 1 Round (MAP)
Pay attention to the schedule and playing hours when you register.
Participants can directly register in the wave then after the tournament runs Finished.
At least 10 squads are registered in each of the venues, the tournament will be restarted.
Each wave is immediately taken 5 winner squad according to the rank order on the leaderboard Standing, Rank and Kill will get points.
Use of emulators (mobile only) is prohibited.
Qualifer: Best of 1 Map (random: Miramar / Erangel).
# Technical meeting 30 minutes before the tournament start.
Tournament start today
Reward : UC CASH
Champion number 1 : 55.000
Champion number 2 : 45.000
Champion number 3 : 35.000
Lobby Room & Password the lobby will be shared in the tournament lobby by the admin on duty.
Common Match Settings :
♦ Server region: SEA
♦ Team: Squad 4P
♦ Player Camera: TBA
♦ Map​ Weather: Sunny
♦ Map: Random.
Match Settings :
► Server Settings
Server Region: SEA
Player Number restriction: 100
Team: Squad 4P
Zombie mode: Off
DBNO Revive: On
DBNO​ ​revive Casting​ ​time: 10s
DBNO​ ​HP Decreasing​ ​rate: 1x
Player​ ​Camera Restriction: Third Person / First person.
Map​ ​Option: Sunny
Playzone Progress: 1x
Centralized circle: 0x
Red zone: Enabled
Care​ ​Package Frequency: 1x
Car​ ​/ Motorbike: xx
Boat: xx
Unarmed attack​ ​Damage rate: 1x
Circle Settings

Ranking points
1 Kill gets an additional 1 points.
Points #1 = 10 pts.
#2 = 6 pts
#3 = 5 pts
#4 = 3 pts
#5 = 2 pts
#6 = 2 pts
#7 = 1 pts
#8 = 1 pts
#9 = 1 pts
#10 = 1 pts
#11 - 25 = 0 pts

Participant Regulation: Tournaments use Mobile (Mobile), for the emulator there will be its own session.
PUBG Mobile : When Bind ID in section game profile, Nick ingame must be filled exactly. (If it's not exactly the same, you can exit the tournament (edit your game profile in the Nickname section. Then join the tournament again)
1 team MUST contain 4 player (PUBG Mobile Squad)
The name of the team / user name, icon, profile picture or team logo cannot contain: profanities, obscene language, gang affiliation, drugs, sexual material & offensive material
Share account NOT ALLOWED. All participants must have their respective PUBG IDs
All tournament winners must provide their data H+1 after the tournament is finished, go to the Admin who is on duty through PM on this Web.
TM will be done in the Yamisok web site lobby chat, the pass and lobby will be shared after TM by the admin.
Players who violate the above rules will be subject to direct disqualification.
Player Conduct
All participants are NOT allowed to insult, berate acts that contain elements of SARA or say harshly during the tournament.
Player Manners
Not allowed to use cheats of any kind. Players who use cheats will be disqualified immediately in the match
Communication using "Third Party" is allowed during the match (skype, team speak, discord, etc)
Preparation Before starting It is expected that all players anticipate problems that might occur before the game starts. Connection or Hardware issues during the game are borne by the player and the admin can disqualify if the game is blocked.
Player Substitution Substitution of players is not permitted during the tournament, only registered IDs of Yamisok can participate, if they keep changing, then the player is immediately disqualified by the admin.
Presence If the participant is absent or arrives late, then the participant will automatically be disqualified and banned by the system.
Disconnects If a player experiences disconnection during a match, the match continues.
Forfeit Participants can choose to cancel the match if they wish. Surrender when a match will produce 0 points from that match and possibly a penalty point.
Re-host In the first 1 minute if there is a problem with the lag / server disconnect that can affect most participants, then the Admin has the right to make the lobby / host reset.
All results of the match will be input by the Yamisok Tournament admin, if you want to protest or object it must be accompanied by Screen Shot (SS) if there is no SS then the admin does not process further. Cheat and 3rd Party App
For participants who are caught using cheats or additional software (for fraud) it will be permanently banned . Feedback
If participants have suggestions, suggest and criticize, please send to the admin of the Yamisok Tournament, we will always accept all forms of suggestions, suggestions and criticisms so that the tournament will be better.
Rules can change at any time. thank you.
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Registration :
Slot :
Start at :
Rules :
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Tutorial on participating in the Daily PUBG Mobile Tournament :
Match System :
- Must Absent In Lobby Tournament with Format :
NAME OF TEAM and NICKNAME PUBGM SQUAD (Player 1 , Player 2 , Player 3, Player 4) Example: YamiTeam (YamiBlue, YamiYellow, YamiGreen, YamiPink)
- Pay attention to the hours of the Lobby shared and Start at the Lobby Tournament
- Don't Move Slots in the Game
- Make sure the Squad Members are in the Lobby according to what you registered

# Name Win Kill Points
1 David 4 34 1692
2 RizkyPranatha 3 22 992
3 Singh Art 2 14 623
4 Febry Sentosa 2 12 502
3 Ndenz1en 1 11 499